36-19 (65,45%)

Dime players up $13,720!!

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I am a sports betting tipster and aisan handicapper. So what do I do? It's simple - I do all the research and make betting picks based of my own personal analysis to pick more winners. I do all the leg work, so you don't have to.

Sportsinvestors who have the correct mindset can make VERY good money from my picks. Just remember thou that all betting decisions must be made with a view to long-term profits and steady bank growth rather than a hope to get rich quick.

This sports betting site was created after popular demands from my sports betting picks newsletter readers for 18+ years. I had been writing an sport picksnewsletter since 2000 and decided as I was leaving that to transfer that to the internet. 

I want to share my knowledge with you. My philosophy.... It's all about giving back and adding value. 

Feel free to follow my bets. I will post all my sportsbets on this site with daily updates so be sure to bookmark this page and check back as often as you can. 

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Winning Sports Picks

Thursday 1-1 and still up over €10,000

Leicester 2,38 and Levante 2,00. No bets on friday. 


Wednesday another SOLID cash!!

Sampdoria to win at 1,90 !!

Manchester United hcp -1 at 2,70 !!



Tuesday is UP!!

Tottenham hcp -1,0

Inter hcp -1,5

Sevilla hcp +0,5




Monday. Close But No Cigarr!!

Rio Ave FC vs Tondela BTTS

West Ham United to win  vs Stoke City


- €170


Sunday. Easy Money

Real Madrid to crush Malaga away